Tuesday, January 25, 2011


Step Six -- Backlinking with Xomba

The more I read through forums on InfoBarrel and eHow, the more I heard about backlinking. By May, I was ready to give it a try. I spent some time over at  Xomba, backlinking all my 98 eHow articles. I started adding to those my InfoBarrel bookmarks, but quit later when new challenges came along (more about those later). Since then, I have picked up my backlinking and am currently running an experiment where I hope to create at least 15 backlinks on revenue-sharing sites to funnel traffic to my articles (and incidentally earn a few pennies from the backlinks themselves. At my current inventory of six hundred articles, I am looking at 9,000 backlinks and am outsourcing a few of the sites in exchange for other labour which I find less tedious and time-consuming. This is one way you can create time -- find something that takes you a long time to do, and exchange with someone so that you perform a task quickly which takes you only a short time to do. So, for example, if I want my house cleaned, and it takes me four hours to do so, I can exchange house cleaning for another service that may take me only a half-hour, but might take someone else ten hours or more. That way, I gain 3.5 hours, and the other person gains six hours. Everyone wins and everyone is happy.

This is not limited to online activities. I exchange services on a regular basis and everyone I exchange services with is happy to do so--from the neighbour who lets me do my laundry in her apartment (thereby saving me space and money that would otherwise be taken up by a washer and dryer) in return for my taking out her trash and doing a load of her laundry, to the person with whom I trade piano lessons for other services. By trying to find win-win situations in your own life, you may just be making everyone else's life a little easier, too. That's goodwill spread all around as more people begin to do so. The only problem is that you must maintain your exchange scrupulously!

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