Wednesday, February 23, 2011


One of the first WordPress backlinking sites I used was Snipsly. They pay an 80% share of Adsense impressions, and the posting is really a free-for-all, which is nice for those articles that don't fit in anywhere else (for example, see this article on secret Amazon deals). This article has too many links to the same site (at least until I get to be a Giant Squid) but works perfectly on Snipsly.

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Stagehands Pushing a Pair of Giant Scissors
Allan Grant

Snipsly has no moderation or flagging, so it's full of useless posts, and just got slapped by Google. However, the moderators have taken notice and I believe policing will eventually be the order of the day. As Google gives its customers (searchers) more of what they want, I believe that in the future posts will be ranked individually, rather than by site. In the meantime, build up great, informative content and backlinks.