Tuesday, March 8, 2011


Fuelspace is like Snipsly and Jevitt, although they share only 50% of the Adsense revenue. Still, it's worth the effort for the backlink.
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Service Station in Space for Refuelling and Repairing Interplanetary Craft
I've been advised that Fuelspace may have malware on their main page, so I've given you the link directly to the login page. There are basically no rules that I can see for Fuelspace, so this is good for backlinks, affiliate links, articles with too many links for other sites, and so on. As with the other sites, be prepared for rules changes and make sure that you have backups. Again, don't just duplicate content from other sites; rewrite your content from another perspective, or try a new article or backlink your already-written articles. With the new Google algorithm, we can only hope that someday good-quality content will outrank bad-quality content.

I don't have much on Fuelspace at the moment, but like Snipsly and Jevitt, Fuelspace will definitely be part of my overall strategy. Don't forget to illustrate your articles with your art.com  and allposters.com pictures and links, since those are definitely allowed. Those images may show up in Google searches as well--if so you will have yet another chance of getting your articles viewed. Just remember not to be spammy or use the hard-sell techniques (or that really awful technique of trying to get your readers to click on an ad just to get away from your article--you really don't want a reputation like that, do you? Of course you don't. Quality will out over time, so keep that quality up.