Friday, November 8, 2013

Learn a Graphics Program!

One of the skills I have found most useful in generating passive income is to learn at least a little graphics editing. Admittedly, you don't have to invest in Adobe Photoshop to learn to do at least something; you can even use a free program like the GIMP. But whatever program you choose, you should have at least some basic graphics editing skills.

It is really not necessary to invest a ton of money in graphics programs, at least until you develop some skills with the free programs. Most graphics programs have a lot of similarity in their interfaces.

Why? For one reason, it makes designing products for POD sites like Zazzle a lot easier. Take a look at this graphic I created:

Word Choice: Peak or Peek Mug
Word Choice: Peak or Peek Mug by cheatsheet
Make a unique personalized coffee mug online at Zazzle.

This goes with my Zujava article on homophones and how to distinguish between words that are commonly confused. When you get an idea like this, it's difficult to describe to a graphics designer the exact idea you want, and you have to pay them something to do it. Admittedly, if you're using someone on fiverr, then that amount may be only five dollars, but you have the time you are investing to find the person, negotiate the job, and then approve or decline the job they do, as well as the time involved in leaving feedback, bookmarking the person (and remembering to go back to them next time). I created this (after a significant learning curve doing other graphic designs) in about five minutes, and had it posted for sale quite soon afterwards. Admittedly, it's not great art--but it doesn't have to be. This graphic gets the point across, and for what it is, it works just fine.

So get over your fear of complex graphics, watch some cool YouTube videos on how to create different looks, and play around with graphics programs. Your POD stores will thank you!