Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Ah, Tax Time!

Last week's post got torpedoed because of federal income taxes, but never fear--I'm back! I actually look forward to doing my taxes, because it shows me what activities are productive, and what activities are non-productive. To that end, in the aftermath of doing my taxes, I've made some decisions.
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Income Taxes
Norman Rockwell

First off, the internet writing definitely stays--from a tax perspective, internet writing is definitely worth the effort! I've even upgraded my internet connection and I'm going to be investing in a new computer: a Mac Mini (I have not had an Apple product since the days of the Apple ][e).
Because the internet writing is starting to pay so well, I'm going to be investing more time in the process, and probably moving articles around for a while, or rewriting them and posting to other sites.

Also this year, I'm reviewing my record-keeping practices, and investing in some low-tech devices to keep my tax records organized. While I may make a little less money this year (after all, I won a ton of writing contests last year), I'm expecting that on my 2012 taxes, I will see a huge jump!

By the way, you should have to write out a check at the end of the year to the IRS. If you are getting a tax refund, you need to rethink your investment strategy.