Monday, February 9, 2015

Update to HubPages

HubPages has recently updated their policy to allow one product per 100 words (the old limit was 50). While typically it's never a problem for me to write more, there are some times when it's just not possible to say 100 words about each of the supplies needed for a complex crafting project, or a recipe with exotic ingredients, but which is generally of the "dump everything in together and bake it for three hours" variety.

So what to do with all those hubs? Since HubPages allows two links to the same domain, or unlimited links to HubPages, the answer is to divide up those products. I have a chance to make even more sales this way. For example, I have a hub on using a formula to make cheesecake, rather than a recipe, so that you can have unlimited varieties of cheesecake without having a different recipe for each flavor. Now I can have a hub on uncommon ingredients to put into cheesecake, and highlight more spices and flavorings. Under each item I put why you might want to consider using it in cheesecake.

Another idea is to use the Listmania! feature on Amazon, which now allows up to forty products per list. Instead of linking to individual products on Amazon, you can link to the list, and your affiliate sales will still count. With my work yesterday I am up to fifteen lists, and more will be coming.

Of course, you can also set up a blog in minutes, and put a link to your blog, and an Amazon widget there, with your products in it. (I started this on my website in December, and I currently have created more than 450 Amazon widgets posted.)

No matter which method you choose, HubPages is still a valuable resource for earning passive income, and well worth the effort. Don't be upset by the changes; we simply must adapt, find more avenues to sell, and keep going!