Sunday, May 3, 2015

Adieu, Zujava!

Alas, another content site has fallen by the wayside. Zujava, which was a favorite of mine, is closing its site on July 1, 2015. I have to admit, I never made much money there, but I liked the format and the site.

I'm dividing up my content between InfoBarrel, HubPages, and Wizzley, depending on where I think it will do well. I will miss the camaraderie of the site and all the people (although I am sure I will find them again elsewhere), but I will be happy of the extra money. I just didn't get enough traffic to my articles there to actually earn anything.

Considering that I still have old eHow articles that I haven't yet republished, I really need to get to work, but first I have to finish the project on my own website. I also have to start moving other articles that aren't doing well, and update my article on 50 Ways to Make a Dollar a Day.