Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Increase Your Productivity!

Here's what I notice about successful entrepreneurs: they maximize their productive time. It's incredibly difficult for some people to do, but for those who can, it's definitely worth the effort because of the increase in productive activities over unproductive ones.

The first step in increasing your production is to look at your daily behavior and figure out whether it is productive or unproductive. Here are some great examples, some taken from the world of online writing:

Productive Activities:
Researching a site's rules and Terms of Service
Researching topic information
Keyword research
Writing articles
Doing A/B tests on earnings, after a suitable aging process (six months to one year) for articles, and a sufficient sample size
Researching affiliate opportunities
Cleaning house (unless it's already spotless)
Making dinner
Tidying your workspace (if mess is a problem)

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Non-Productive activities:
Micromanaging earnings from day one
Obsessing about earnings updates
Worrying about publication approval
Wondering if anyone is reading your forum posts
Checking email
Blowing off steam in a forum because someone said something that offended you
Ranting in a forum about unfairness
Deleting your work (unless it's to move it from an unproductive site to a more likely productive one)

May or may not be productive:
Staring out of the window
Reading/watching news

Now that you've identified your non-productive behaviors, every time you are tempted to do one of them, do one of your productive activities instead!