About this blog

When I came back to the United States after having worked the majority of my adult life overseas, I received a financial shock. My retirement earnings were around $300 per month. I'm pretty frugal by nature, but there's no way I can live on that amount of money, so I created my own business, and sure enough, after a few years, I'm up to a reasonable amount. But I decided I needed extra security, and started looking for ways to earn more money in my free time.
First, I discovered eHow and wrote 100 articles on that site. 2 were deleted, leaving me with 98 articles, and then their Writers Compensation Plan closed, and left me stranded. I didn't want to deal with eHow any longer, in any case, and decided to investigate other options. So this blog will detail my other experiences and, I hope, help others learn from my mistakes and contribute their own experiences. Welcome!

Disclosure: Some of the links on this blog are affiliate links. If you click on them, it will not affect the amount of money you spend (if for a product) or earn (if it is an affiliate link to an earning program). I will get a small amount of money if you buy a product or sign up for a site with my link. Those few pennies help me pay the bills and enable the free time I have to write this blog.