Thursday, November 20, 2014

Social Media

I just discovered a new tool for helping you get to fame and fortune . . . well, fame, anyway.

Tired of having to post (and remember) to click the button every time you want to share something, and what happens when you're sick, on vacation, otherwise occupied, or just plain forget?

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Matthew Diffee

Now there's a new free social media tool to the rescue—Buffer. Available both on a web page and as a browser extension, Buffer allows you to schedule posts to a single facebook page, twitter account, and google+ account simply and easily. You set the schedule for when the posts go out, and every time you run across something you want to share while you're on the web, simply add it to your queue with a few clicks.

See something that is more important than what you already have scheduled? No worries, just rearrange the queue. Easy, fast, and takes all the work out of scheduling posts for your content (you'll still have to find what you want to post, though).

I'm all for making my life easier with good, free tools, and Buffer manages to do that. Sign up today!