Saturday, February 15, 2014

InfoBarrel Again

After the debacle at eHow, the next site I started with was InfoBarrel. While I did well there with 111 articles (a few were outmoded and deleted along the way), I decided that my New Year's resolution would be to update and review all 111 articles. InfoBarrel has changed their rules since 2009, when I first started publishing there, so I also wanted to make sure I included at least one Amazon module in each article.

As of today, I have added Amazon modules to all but three of my articles (one I'm waiting for an ebook to be formatted; one I can't find anything for, and one I just haven't done yet).

Another thing that InfoBarrel introduced was article scoring. When they first introduced it, I had some article scores below 41, and many below 55. Articles scoring below 41 were going to be de-indexed, and I quickly fixed those just enough to get their scores up to 41. In January I decided to get all my article scores above 55 this year, and I have done it on all but three articles. Those three have scores of 50 or above, but I just can't figure out how to get them any higher.

The other InfoBarrel improvement I am working on is on adding long descriptions to my media pages. InfoBarrel is unique among sites in that opportunity, as you have the ability to earn from pictures uploaded to your article. Not only do ads show on those pages, but in addition, you can have a link going to one or more of your InfoBarrel articles in the description. I'm also adding one outgoing link to an Amazon search page, where appropriate. I've just started this process, so I imagine it will be the end of March before I have finished.
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And will all this translate into improved earnings? It's too soon to tell, and likely I won't see the results for several months. On the other hand, I know that I've done something positive to attempt to improve my passive income from InfoBarrel, and that's what I knew how to do.

I have other goals for this year, too, and so far I'm keeping up with all my New Year resolutions. Unfortunately, in this passive income game, everything is delayed gratification, so one reason for this blog is to keep track of what I did, so that when I start to see results, I can go back and see what worked!