Monday, May 20, 2013

Squidoo Redux

If there's one thing I hate, it's having to do work over and over again.

And in the case of Squidoo, I've just about reached my limit.

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First, they locked lenses without warning, and donated all unpaid proceeds to charity (so they say, but we'll take them at their word). There was no indication of what was wrong, so I put the locked lens on the back burner until I heard what the problem was. Unfortunately, some time later, when I logged into my account, *poof* the lens was deleted, without warning.

As my lenses get locked, which I am sure they will be, I am moving them elsewhere. Squidoo was fun, and I liked the platform, but I am not willing to lose work if I happen to go on vacation or have a crisis to deal with. Some of those posts will be moved here, some elsewhere . . . but I can no longer recommend Squidoo as a place to write.

If you have a locked lens, be sure to edit it and post it elsewhere immediately, before your lens disappears!

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