Wednesday, September 4, 2013


If you're into the online writing scene, you may have heard about Bubblews. I'm certainly no expert on making gazillions of dollars, but what I have noticed about Bubblews is that it's certainly easy to write posts on there. If you have been posting all kinds of random thoughts on facebook, why not post on Bubblews instead and earn some cash? I have started doing that and with ten posts, have earned almost $5.00.

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Clear Bubbles in Descending Size Risi...
Considering the posts must be only 400 characters (not words) each, it seems simple enough. And if you want your facebook friends to see your posts, you have only to post the link, and most will follow. You will get paid per view, and if they sign up to comment, you will get paid for comments, too!

As with every site, make sure to read and thoroughly understand the rules of the site, including how you get paid. Post only content (including images!) you have created yourself or have written permission to post. Bubblews has rules that are unique to that site, so read carefully, or you won't get paid, and you certainly won't get any sympathy from me!

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