Tuesday, March 29, 2011

HubPages Applies New Quality Control Standards

In the aftermath of the Google algorithm change (nicknamed Panda), HubPages has employed a new set of rules. I have been busy, therefore, rewriting my hubs to meet their changed standards.
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Wagon Wheels in Colorful ...
Darrell Gulin

I didn't have to worry about copied content, fortunately, but what I did have to worry about were two things having to do with the Amazon capsules: first, that keyword products in a capsule would be limited to one; and second, that there must be fifty words of text for each Amazon product (the same rules apply for eBay, but I don't have an affiliate for eBay). Writing fifty words for each Amazon product was not that hard, but what killed me was going through and selecting products individually; some hubs had over seventy products featured!

Having just exhausted myself to meet the March 25th deadline, I must say that I think the rules changes improved my hubs remarkably, and I expect in a few months to see much higher Amazon sales as a result. In addition, in researching individual products to recommend, I now read the reviews and descriptions very carefully, and I feel that the products I selected in my hubs are much, much better than having Amazon simply search for a product. By hand-selecting these products, I have added value for my readers. So all in all, I feel good about the work I did on improving my hubs!

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