Tuesday, May 10, 2011

The End of eHow

I've written before about eHow. While I have fond memories of the Writers Compensation Program (hereinafter abbreviated WCP), when eHow quit accepting new posts, I decided to leave my articles where they were, and they continued to earn well.

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However, with only a few hours' notice, eHow discontinued the WCP, a move I had been expecting, but not ready for. Having learnt something about which articles will do well on which site, I am now in the process of moving my 98 remaining articles to other sites. I decided not to take the buyout, as I received an offer of $160 for 90 articles, which I can make back in about five months.

So farewell, eHow. You were a great learning experience for me, and a lesson that I should diversify, diversify, diversify. Thank you for introducing me to writing articles for residuals, and for the cash that definitely helped me pay the bills each month--but I know more than I did then, and I expect to make much more with my work elsewhere than your offer. I leave eHow with a sense of relief, after their treatment of writers, and have set my sights on greener (and fairer) pastures.

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